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Kit Of The Week. The new kit appears every Monday around Noon Pacific Time and will be available all week, while supplies last. The featured kit will be available in both Malt Extract and All-Grain versions. More: Recent MoreBeer Finds. Looking for a MoreBeer Deal? From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:. Nottingham offers great performance with every batch, allowing brewers to cover a wide variety of beer styles with just one yeast Type. The Nottingham strain was selected for its highly flocculent and relatively full attenuation properties.

It produces low concentrations of fruity and esters aromas and has been described as neutral for ale yeast, allowing the full Natural Flavor of malt and hops to develop. With a relatively high alcohol tolerance, Nottingham is a great choice for creation of higher-alcohol specialty beers. Prices, shipping and availability can change quickly. Please note that product prices and availability are subject to change.

Prices and availability were accurate at the time this post was published; however, they may differ from those you see when you visit Amazon. Check the product page for current price, description and availability. More: Recent Amazon Finds. A decadent Belgian golden candi syrup that contributes rich caramel flavors followed by a subtle back-palate of fresh plums. The color is a translucent rich gold. In the NEW IPA, Scott Janish scours through hundreds of academic studies, collecting and translating the relevant hop science into one easily digestible book.

A Kindle edition of this released a while back. A beer that is complex, funky, and full of fruit character. Brewed with kg hand pitted apricots per L beer. It is unlike anything you have tasted. It is intentionally still.

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It has a cork so you can drink it later. It is made to share. It will push your boundaries of what is beer, and what is whisky. The third and final beer of their Black Label special edition. Using only the best of the best hops from the bottom half of the globe.

The dark mask of this black IPA uncovers a tropical hop assault. The result? A blend of three versions of imperial porter that were then blended with a 15 percent ABV imperial IPA — in other words, a Frankenporter. Only nine barrels made the final cut this year, making our fourth annual Barrel Breed Imperial Stout an extra limited release. A lot of time and heart goes into our Barrel Breeds and our brewers select only the best barrels to go through to blending. Only nine made the final cut this year, making our fourth annual Barrel Breed Imperial Stout an extra limited release of bottles.

Three months of barrel ageing has brought out the most of this complex malt bill, resulting in an interwoven palate of sultanas, coffee and vanilla. Enjoy this winter to get the most of the rich, toffee sweetness and whisky notes. Designed with reduced burned roast astringency and low on dry roast bitterness finishing normally found in stouts, this Black Ale has been crafted with a balanced towards rich roasted malty flavours, coffee, chocolate, liquorice and molasses.

Late, lingering with moderate bitterness to balance the initial sweetness. With a dark red brownish colour, a firm creamy head and lots of fruity aromas on the nose, this ale has a big, malty body with late bitterness. The Red has been crafted with big dry hop aromas coming through from citrusy and tropical fruity hop varieties. With late lingering bitterness it is in perfect harmony with the fruity hop aromas. This Thoroughbred goes well with Asian and Curry dishes and presents well when matched to blue cheeses and smoked meats.

A sessionable summer ale that tastes like sunshine, exclusively available at Ice Cream Factory. Ain't Guava that stuff in the red lip balm tubes?

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Surely this beer tastes better than that? Or do you like that taste? Too bad, we think this beer is yum. Light and sprite like a woodland pixie. Normally I hate "A's" on the end of words. I prefer them at the start. Also, I like chocolate at the start of a meal not at the end. This beer is going to confuse you.

Yes, I might have Thursday before which same. I mean witch. Fruit Punch, yummy yummy! The first step, brew a hoppy beer! The second step, add in some passion-fruit! The third step, pineapple too! The last step, drink it down and enjoy - yeah! So we've survived two years of madness at the brewery with our sanity somewhat intact! We combined the classic flavors of lime and blue agave nectar in a tart gose-style beer for the ultimate answer to the heavy heat of the day. The bright lime flavor helps wake up the palate while the mild sweetness of the agave rounds out the tangy zip of the citrus fruit.

Light and refreshing, this all-new Otra Vez will have you calling for another round. Original is a bottom-fermented export beer of unusually high quality. Golden yellow in colour, with a fine white head of foam, as the glass is being filled it already promises the waiting beer connoisseur to expect a tangy, fresh and tasty beer. On initial tasting, Original develops a full-bodied spicy flavour and then gives a satisfying balanced hopped note in the aftertaste.

This is provided by the high degree of fermentation, which also makes Original particularly agreeable. It looks golden and the beer has a flavour of green apples, honey and flowers. The beer has a mild body and is not too bitter. It is unfiltered and therefore slightly opaque. Because of this, the natural ingredients such as protein, brewer's yeast and other flavour enhancers are fully retained and manifest themselves in a full-bodied spicy flavour with finely balanced nuances of malt and bitters.

A beer like his home. Original, honest and full of character, our AKTIEN Landbier presents itself as a dark, spicy beer that can not be missed in Franconia with a hearty snack in a sociable atmosphere and thus characterizes the uniqueness of the Franconian way of life. Our brewers are also committed to this tradition. The exquisite selection of roasted special malt and light barley malt as well as the spring-fresh Fichtel Mountain Water give our AKTIEN Landbier its typical character and its fine malt aroma. Full-bodied and spicy at the same time, the malt is emphasized from the first sip to the finish.

A true experience of flavour. Full bodied, with fine malt aromas. Brewed in traditional monastic manner, its one of the great beers. Malty-aromatic, sweet, pleasantly heavy, with an intensive fragrance and strong flavour; a world known specialty just like its baroque namesake, the brilliant painter and architect Cosmas Damian Asam. Dark cola colour with short lasting head. Caramel sweet malt aroma with a coffee taste also some hints of chocolate and nuts, alcohol doesn't show much but it is there alright. Medium to full bodied, but very smooth and easy to drink.

Traditional weissbier made according to the old Bavarian style with the unmistakable character of the fine cellar yeast. Hemp was already a widespread crop at that time and amongst many other applications was used alongside hops for bittering beer. The brewers at Weissenoher strongly believe in the ecological benefits of growing hemp and this beer is their contribution towards reinstating its legitimacy as being recognised as a viable crop.

We had been itching for some time to make a somewhat strong, full-bodied Helles. So we made a batch of Pils with an elevated level of original wort, Additionally, we dry hopped generously, using our traditional Hersbrucker noble hops. Our Zwickel Pils is a non filtered beer, paying homage to the tradition of bottling straight from the barrel. Satisfyingly full bodied and aromatic with hops. Our Zwickel is a Weissenohe masterpiece of an expressive, regional and traditional speciality beer. A beer made out of tradition. Back to the roots: The brewery C.

Veltins revives its venerable knowledge in the craft of beer brewing with its new beer brand Grevensteiner Original — Inspired by the traditional brewing of the twins Carl and Anton Veltins during the beginning of the last century. The brewery C. Veltins has been associated with the historical and bulbous Steinie bottle for decades.

That is why the traditional Steinie bottle, the historically appearing label, as well as the sealing on the crown cork brings the history and long tradition to life in a modern product. It's Father's Day just around the corner and our new affiliation with Liquor Barons mean you all get access to their great range of specials.

If you're looking for a great deal for Father's Day check out the catalogue here. There's also great deals on beer, wine and spirits every month, check out this month's deals below. Note these deals are only available in-store. Happy August everyone, hope we all are staying dry and warm through this dark and stormy winter we are having well in Perth anyway. It sure has been a long time since updates because there have been some big changes at the shop all good and we have been crazy busy getting everything in top shape. Check out the details below.

As our members and local customers are now aware, since the start of this financial year, we have gone under the Liquor Barons banner group. This doesn't mean we are going away, or becoming a franchise. Liquor Barons is not owned by Coles or Woolworths, it is simply a collection of liquor stores which pool their resources to buy at better prices, and pass the savings onto our customers.

We will still continue to stock a very wide range of all of your favourite traditional and new world craft beers, along with as many of the one-off brews and special releases we manage to squeeze onto our shelves. We are still the same team of beer nerds and homebrewers you've gotten to know over the years. As far as those who only order online are concerned, nothing will change. This isn't a decision we came to lightly, after careful consideration we went for Liquor Barons because they allow us the greatest freedom to continue doing what we do, and stock whatever we want.

In essence we have just expanded our range to cater to all liquor store customers, and also offer cheaper prices and specials on a wide range of items. Now we have gotten that out of the way, lets get back to what you came here for, delicious local and international brews! This month we see the arrival of a new beer from the pioneers of craft beer out of the United States - Sierra Nevada. We here at International Beer Shop love this one, it sits perfectly between the bitter hop bombs of the West Coast, and the fruity, juicy numbers coming from the East.

It has the juiciness you've come to love from the NEIPAs but with enough of a bitter backbone to dry out the palate and keep you coming back for more. Grab some in-store or online here , while stocks last! July and August has seen some great new beers and returning favourites hit our shelves - due to limited numbers on the special releases, only certain beers will be available for purchase online.

For the others you'll have to come down to our Leederville shop to pick some up. Check them out below. Contains 4xmL bottles of 4 Pines most popular Keller Door releases over the past 10 years. Contains one bottle each of the following;. Oaked Baltic Porter - 7. Beerland Whitfords, Northbridge have teamed up with Rocky Ridge Margaret River for their first collaboration brew, and it's a cracker! Belgian yeast derived esters lead you into a lighter than expected body where chocolate, light liquorice and muted coffee appear alongside a little spice.

The smooth mouthfeel is aided by a slight creamy carbonation before giving way to a dry finish. Cereal Milk. Brewed with corn flakes, oats, chocolate wheat and a generous dose of milk sugar, Cereal Milk Stout is rich, smooth and redolent of the sweet remnants of the breakfast bowl.

Grab a spoon and dig in. Aromas of rich chocolate and roast on the nose, we brewed our porter with the idea of a session version of a Russian Imperial Stout in mind. Take an Ethiopian and Kenyan coffee cold brew them for 48 hours and chuck them into an imperial stout. Ferment with a lager yeast at a cold temperature and you get "The Cold Brew". Prepare to get buzzed and boozed in the one go. Bursting with hops, strong in ABV 8. A noble beer for a noble thirst, this Imperial IPA is like a tangy fruit salad with extra punch. Clean, hefty hop notes provide substantial palate weight with hints of pineapple, pine and citrus, while the higher alcohol content delivers a delightfully dry, spicy finish.

In a tall tin so you can share it with a mate celebrating a royal achievement, or simply soaking up the last shadows of a classic day. Our flagship Winter Seasonal brew. Originally brewed for our first birthday celebration, and now a staple brew every Winter, this Russian Imperial Stout will shake the chill right of your back! Buy online here! Jet Black Heart is a 4.

Inspired by some of the awesome craft nitro stouts we tried in the US we wanted to put our own spin on the style and also introduce nitro beers to BrewDog bars. Clockwork Tangerine first made an appearance last year when it took the crown in our Prototype Challenge under the pseudonym of 'Tangerine Session IPA'. A flavour profile that'll tick all those boxes as we head into the summer months! Dry-hopped with Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe and Centennial, it has a superb combination of tropical and citrus fruit, with huge fresh grassy notes, and a big savoury smack of dank hop.

Native Son clocks in at double IPA strength, but has effortless drinkability, with crystal malt providing light complexity and a shred of sweetness — no big chewy toffee notes. Kettle soured wheat, lightly salted and infused with white peaches - a delicate three way salty, sweet and sour balancing act. A little bit of white mischief in a beer where anything gose. Brewed for Wellington On A Plate A lean palate, medium bitterness, aromas of lemon, citrus and mango.

Ray Jordan is at it again and has released his hottest wines list for ! We are stocking as many of them as we can fit on our shelves, we'll feature the winners below. Our Shiraz was picked then de-stemmed into a combination of small open fermenters, maintaining as many whole berries as possible.

The wine was blended, fined with egg whites and bottled after 12 months maturation. Houghton Cabernet Sauvignon from the Stripe series of wines has loads of cassis and dark plum flavours that are perfectly balanced with hints of cigar box, soft tannins and a touch of oak. A true WA Cabernet for a fantastic price! Our focus this month is all about sprouting the virtues of Belgian Sour Beers. Beer from some of the best producers of these styles on the planet.

This also includes a wide range of Fruit beers which can be both sour or sweet. As far as we are aware this is the first time in International Beer Shop history that we've held a sale of this magnitude across our range of some of the most highly sought-after sours beers on the planet. Best be quick with this one. Strictly whilst stocks last. If you can't make it to the shop this month and would like to order, or would just like to see what we have in stock, please click here for details. Simply any 6 Pack from the Black Brewing Range throughout the month of April at International Beer Shop and you can enter in to the draw for your chance to win.

There are 3 winning chances from around the country with winners to be drawn on Monday 7th May Our staff will prompt you at point of purchase to get your details in to the entry box. To support this promotion from one of our favourite local breweries we have reduced our pack pricing for the month. Love your work Tim. Beer is our thing but we do like to dabble in a little wine as well, so in appreciation for the support we hope you enjoy and take advantage of another month of special pricing across our quirky hand-selected stable of red wines.

Summer has ended without really challenging our thermostats and with Autumn upon us we are embracing a season and period of change. First up we must mention one of our own - you all know him as our resident beer connoisseur Gab - after a 5 year stint with the International Beer Shop has decided to seek new challenges elsewhere within the liquor industry. Gabriel has been an invaluable member of the IBS team over recent years and his encyclopedic knowledge of the Craft scene we will be sorely missed.

We will forever regard him as a brother and wish him well with his new adventures. Cheers to the future, GAB! This is a great opportunity to snap up a bargain on your favourite red wines or try some of the exotic new selections we have recently introduced to our line up. For those looking for a friendly bargain, we expect our Back Pallet section to be heaving over the next few months. You can check out some of our current bargains here.

Keg to Keg fills are now happening and have gone off without a hitch. Growlers of all shapes and sizes can now be filled too. Massive kudos to Chris, our resident home brew specialist, for his expertise in making this possible.

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Here at the International Beer Shop we always aim to be current, relevant and ahead of the game where possible. Watch this space A couple of teasers to end the March blog. If you love your Sours look no further than Oxford Street in Leederville during the Autumn period. You also might like to keep your eyes on our back roller door over the coming months as we contemplate big changes to our rear carpark area Cheers all Can you believe it's February already! Seems like Christmas was just yesterday, but here we are Hope everyone had a great summer break, unfortunately now it's back to school for the kids and back to work for you.

Luckily we have lots of great things coming up, such as We can now accomodate all kinds of growlers, be they metal or oversized, we can non counter-pressure fill any growlers you may have. And we are also offering counter-pressure fills of plastic PET bottles, either bring in your own for a by-themL price or purchase a mL bottle in-store, filled for the same price as a squealer.

You may have noticed that we haven't been running Brewery of the Month this year. We have decided, after trying it out for over a year, that it isn't working for us, or you.


While we did have success with it on some months, it has become clear to us that our customers don't care about us showcasing breweries, you just want good deals on great beer. We have listened and Brewery of the Month will be no more. In it's place, we will be running more in-store specials on selected products.

These will change regularly and will only be available in-store, so make sure you get down to our shop regularly to see what's on offer. It's nearly Valentine's Day again, the day devoted to the biggest love in your life. For us it is beer, but we know many of you will claim it's your partner. Luckily our Valentine's Day specials will cater to both of your biggest loves, how sweet! We must have been well behaved in as our Christmas present has come early - our new website has gone live! But as some of you know, this has been a long time coming and we couldn't be happier that it's finally live!

But, alas, live does not mean finished - we are working hard to squash the inevitable bugs that come with all new sites, update the stock that is available on the site, and make the site more functional and better looking - so bear with us and keep an eye out over the next weeks and months for some exciting additions, online only specials, and of course, a stack of new beers. That being said, our website IS fully functional as a store as some lucky customers already know , so please utilise the site if you'd like to purchase or send gifts this Christmas.

As a very rough guide, customers should order by the following dates for the best chance your order will arrive on time of course if you order after these dates you might still be OK, but I never knew you liked to gamble Looking for some ideas for Christmas gifts? We have been busy securing some amazing Belgian Beer Gift Packs for you this festive season. Exclusive to the International Beer Shop, you will not find many of these gift packs anywhere else in Australia.

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Check them out here. Our gift vouchers can be used across our extensive range in-store, be it beer, wines, spirits or even our fantastic range of chili sauces and chocolates. We are working hard to fix this and we will keep you updated on the progress hopefully the Gift Packs should appear in the next few days. If you'd like to order any Gift Packs for delivery or would like to purchase a Gift Card to be mailed out or picked up in-store, please contact us and we'll let you know how to go about ordering it offline.

Check out these crazy deals here. Speaking of kegs, and in particular to our homebrew enthusiasts who have their own keg equipment, we are exploring if there is any demand for keg to keg fills among you. It is a service we now have the ability to provide. It will be much better better pricing than Growler fills, and can fill most kinds of kegs with high quality craft beer for the beer snob I mean connoisseur , or cheap draught beer for those who just love beer.

If this is of interest to you please contact Chris for further discussion. It will be all hands on deck during this busy time of year for us. Our opening hours will be as usual up until the week leading in to Christmas where we will extend our trading hours as detailed below;. And last but not least to each and every one of our customers throughout We could not do what we do without your continued support and custom. Please drink responsibly and be safe this festive season. WARNING Under the Liquor Control Act it is an offence: To sell or supply liquor to a person under the age of 18 years on licensed or regulated premises; or For a person under the age of 18 years to purchase, or attempt to purchase, liquor on licensed or regulated premises.

Muscat Golden Sour mL 5. Blended and bottle conditioned. Stone Free Apricot Sour mL 4. A Fistful of Cherries mL 6. Dankomatic IPA mL 7. Thunder APA mL 5. Can Lah!

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Lager mL CAN 4. Verbotene Fruchte Schwarzbier mL 7. Farmhouse Red mL 6. Saison Tropique mL 6. Kozlak mL Kozlak is a 6.