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As a valued Customer, your feedback is very important to us. If you need help, please contact our Customer Service Center at All I do is browse coupons and the weekly ad. And when you view a coupon you can add it to your Kroger card or not.

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  • Kroger: Double Fuel Points On Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays Through July 29th.

Bonus part is you can scroll up inside that coupon and there it will tell you the product the coupon is for, how much and what size. You could also see exactly what the picture of the product you are choosing. For browsing the ad you have the option of a list of the sales, same as the coupon you can choose which to look at, produce, floral, etc. You could also view the ad itself and if you want to zoom in the photo and print of the ad it is still so clear! So far so good! Great job Kroger! I began using the Kroger click list feature a while back when it first was introduced and it was very convenient.

It was something that was very easy for my family and I to do after having a newborn and then became very convenient for our work and childcare schedule.

However I have not been able to use this Kroger app to order a click list since September because every time I try to it says that my debit card information is incorrect! I think the click list addition was a great and convenient thing for us as working parents and in general to conveniently pick up groceries on the go.

I have enjoyed shopping with the app for weekly curbside pickup for about a year now and loved it. The latest update makes it very hard to navigate the ordering process. I usually shop by scrolling through my recent purchases with an occasional search for something else. Now after a search my list of recent purchases has disappeared and I have to navigate the site to find it again. And now, when searching for items tonight that I know you carry, the message popped up that the items could not be displayed.

After about three searches I got a message that my access to the site was denied. I closed my browser and the Kroger app, then reopened the app and clicked to go back to the order online site and guess what—my access is still denied.

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Please fix this app!!! Edited to add I think the problems I am having are all due to everything being done in the app rather than going to Safari to order and complete purchases. Every time I go to the app it has logged me out and I have to log back in, which never happened before. So now the app is worthless to me and I will revert to going back to internet ordering, or change over to a nearby store HEB with a better curbside app.

Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Also on my free friday downloads. Please help! For making this right.. Melissa, You need to contact Kroger directly about problems on their website and digital coupons.


This shows different ways to contact them about different problems. Why did I stop getting double fuel points on weekends? One more reason to not have to shop at Kroger. I heard on the radio that the double fuel points weekends started this weekend. Searched the Kroger site savings, promotions couldn't find anything about it or a coupon to download to get the double points.

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Didn't get double fuel points when I shopped today. What's going on?

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  • Kroger Digital Coupon: Earn 2x Fuel Points w/ In-Store Purchase -

Put mouse on Kroger Deals at top of page and schroll down to current Kroger Fuel Points offer and Load to your card from there. This one your trying to use is the old one. Hope this helps. I just bought groceries, scan my 2x fuel points but didn't get any extra points. The attendant couldn't explain to me why. This defeats the purpose fore to shop kroger. Not a happy customer. Says I have no coupons to downl ok ad. If that is so why didn't I get my double points when I went there twice this weekend. How can they be "out" of a digital coupon? It doesn't make sense.

I mean, it's not even a physical object. And like everyone else, I didn't get the double points this weekend. I am a senior citizen and really like the 2x points I the summer. However, why not run it all week days as well. It is more convenient for me to shop during week days. Thank you. Why is it saying the 2x is not avaliabe to down load on my Kroger card my husband is stopping tonight to shop.

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