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No random odds here, just grab the outfit you're dying for and get a 7th Anniversary Special Bonus Coupon along with! Hit 95 and need to get Enhancing fast? Finally, the 7th Anniversary Beauty Package is all about getting you looking your best! Get a new hairstyle, a fresh set of inner armor to match your new outfit and three Rainbow Avatar Dye Ampoule Boxes, each containing your choice of Avatar Dye Ampoule, featuring Black, White or a vibrant hue of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo or violet, and don't forget the 7th Anniversary Special Bonus Coupon!

The four packages above are filled with great items with huge discounts, and all come with a special Bonus Coupon just for this month's sales. The Starry Inner Armor is a gorgeous style of inner armor, featuring sheer fabrics, practical bottoms and plenty of art and flourishes, available in styles for both men and women, as designed by the winner of the Taiwan Design Contest, "Cherry Blossoms"! What do you do when you need to enter battle and don't want to chop off that gorgeous mane? Tanayin's stunning Cloud Fairy Hairstyle, winner of the Taiwan Design Contest, shows it off, with an elegant top-knot for the men and a long, stunning tail for the ladies!

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August 13, edited August 13, in Battle Quests and Guides. Quality is modifier affecting some of the item's base stats. It is presented as golden stars when hovering over the item. Base quality of an item is always 2 stars, and stats will be altered only if the quality is different from that. The more stars, the higher quality.

Consequently, items with just 1 star will be weaker than normally, but higher will be stronger. Items can have up to 5 quality stars. Not all items displaying quality can actually have different quality than 2.

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Primary method to affect quality is through crafting and happens randomly. Secondarily, there are some sources where certain items can be obtained with altered quality usually 3. Quality can be also affected by special coupons listed later this thread.

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Please note that the item will become bound upon reaching 5 quality stars, which is the maximum available. Following affects all types of items where quality can be altered. Getting tired of throwing your plunder at the vendors around Colhen just for a little gold?

Meet Flovian, an experimental magician with a new spell that gives you the chance to turn that vendor trash into something really useful. All you need to do is take what you'd normally sell for Gold to Flovian in the Colhen Docks and give it to him to Incinerate.

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The items will be destroyed and reward you with either some of the gold that you would have gotten just by selling it to a random vendor, an AP Capsule, some Seals, some Spirit Remnants that Flovian would be glad to take off your hands These are not items you'll be able to easily buy for gold, so even if you lose a bit of the vendored items, the chance at getting an AP boost, Seals and some useful Cash Shop items is more than worth it!

It's easy to reward the major actions, the heroic moments, the nail-biting challenges With the new Daily Missions, visible through the Event menu, you'll get a small number of challenges every day to complete, focusing on simple things, like making a campfire, using an HP Potion, obtaining items from battle and the like. For each one you complete, you'll receive a small prize, maybe a Stimulant, maybe some Seals or a minor boost or some AP, but they all add up.

It's Evie's month, and we're making it easy for you to try out all of her new attacks! Those of you that don't want to play with the pint-sized sorceress can enjoy the Daily Mission Launch Event, and hook up with your guild mates for the Strength in Numbers event! Check out all the details in the Evie Enhancement Events post! As you'll no doubt notice on logging in, we have a brand new item slot specifically for Wing items that don't override the chest slot appearance.

For now, there's only one way to take advantage of this new item slot, so check out the Taking Flight Sales post for the Scarlet Flute sale, as well as plenty of gorgeous cosmetic upgrades for the lady of the month, Evie.

Evie Staff Changes Evie's Vindictus' purest spellcaster, and her powerset is getting more than a few upgrades. New Staff Ability: Moving Focus Evie's primary weakness as a spellcaster has been a simple one: It's hard to cast spells if you're not standing still, and being unable to move as the fifty meter monster brings his fist down is seldom a good survival strategy. Cannot be damaged while starting the spell. PvP Changes: Can be damaged while starting the spell.

Lasts for only 2.

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Fire Bolt: Projectile speed increased. Fire Shock: Now penetrates through targets and obstacles, allowing it to hit multiple enemies at once. New Scythe Skill: Horrific Scream Evie's newest Scythe combo is an expansion on the basic Demon Splitter one-two, allowing Evie to keep her Scythe on the move, cutting through the Fomors like a field of wheat.

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Regenerates 80 STA when complete. Afflicts the target with Spirit Bind. Cannot be Drained. Causes Evie to Disappear from sight, becoming largely invulnerable. Smash Attack will cause Evie to disappear again, allowing her to strike again. On the fifth strike, Releases the four afflictions for heavy damage. Can now use earlier after a Blink. Can only Blade Shift once per Blink. Blink: Is now easier to trigger between attacks. Can cast by hitting the Dodge button only once. Can cancel a Blink with a Normal Attack. Can immediately use a second Blink after the first one, at a cost of 5 additional STA.

Requires Level 40 to train and costs 18, Gold. Requires Level 28 to train and costs 12, Gold. Mark of Death Damage over Time effect persists even after the bonus damage is triggered Duration increased to 30s at Rank F, scaling up to 44s at Rank 6 up from 15s at Rank F and 30s at Rank 6. Requires Level 32 to train and costs 15, Gold.

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At Rank 9 and above, can be activated during Eagle Talon with the Grab Key, which will create a Void Star at the location of the your last target. Does not occur if Evie is interrupted or takes damage during the Fatigue animation. Stamina Mastery: Can now be trained. Battle Respiration: Can now be trained.