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One issue is they can sometimes have temperature regulation problems, which can lead to bacteria or mold issues inside. They are usually less than half the price of a basic, regular sized refrigerator. Only some models have a freezer but it tends to be really small. Finding out who is the most trusted and what refrigerator brands to avoid is a great first step. This will help you in understanding the better models, narrowing down which one offers the best features like storage configurations, temperature control and efficiency. This is one of the most common and popular refrigerator styles sold today.

However, the brand that steals the show with the most popular and best-selling model is Whirlpool. This is durability, quality, and value all in one machine. The Whirlpool You can also see our Top-5 choices for French doors below. All offer excellent features and quality, but GE is the easy stand-out in this category. For side-by-side models, we highly recommend the ever-popular GE Also check out our Top-5 choices for double-door fridges below.

Customers who desire a simple and traditional style will select the classic freezer-on-top setup. This basic design uses storage space very efficiently despite being comparatively smaller, with sizes ranging from 7 cu. Hotpoint and Haier are honorable mentions as well. We highly endorse their top-selling model: The Frigidaire 18 cu.

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This is a solid basic model that is built around convenience with the reliability of a trusted brand. It comes with over-sized door bins for easier storage of bottles and jugs, strategic lighting placement to see inside better, and adjustable shelves for your preferred custom configuration.

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Bottom-freezer fridges are one of the most popular types purchased worldwide. They tend to be more simple but soar in the convenience category with their easily accessible bucket-style freezer compartment and a fridge space that sits mostly at arm level. LG, Whirlpool, GE and Maytag are the front-runners when it comes to the best brands for bottom-freezers. You can call it no-frills or just awesome simplicity. The Whirlpool 22 cu. It does what a fridge is supposed to do better than most units out there of all types.

It keeps all areas of the interior consistently cold so your food stays fresher longer. It may not be loaded with expensive features, but if you want efficiency and the freshest food, this machine is easily the best. When we talk about compact and mini refrigerators, we mean the kind of refrigerator that is specially made for small spaces.

This model comes in sizes starting at 1.

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Th Midea is your true mini-fridge. But it does the job really well. For a small or single office, game room basement or man cave in the garage, this will fit in conveniently and keep your favorite drinks, leftovers, snacks or lunches chilled. These refrigerators are often used in big kitchens or other areas where space is available.

They are specially made to store a large amount of food and other items. They have little energy efficient technology but offer great temperature measures and at the same time, keep all food fresh and stored efficiently. As a full-size fridge, this model is a wonderful alternative to the popular Sub-Zero brand, and at a lower cost. The size of a fridge will not only tell you if it fits where you want to use it, it also tells you what kind of door mechanics it has and how much storage space it can have.

It is recommended to choose the most complete and spacious appliance, with cubic feet ranging from 30 to This refers to the amount of time a refrigerator takes to decrease to -0 degrees Celsius or 32 Degrees Fahrenheit. The faster the fridge does that, the better chance that it will maintain all your food fresh and in great condition overall. The temperature must be consistent the whole day without any interruption in order to maintain all the food inside the fridge keeping it fresh and consistent.

This is one of the most important features because a refrigerator needs to be capable of maintaining a temperature between 37 and 0 Degrees Fahrenheit in order to always keep food properly fresh. A helpful feature some modern refrigerators have is to selectively alter the temperature in different compartments based on the type of food being stored there. These types can even have sensors to automatically detect food and adjust temperatures accordingly.

This factor refers to the amount of freshness and consistency the appliance has while freezing and maintaining the temperature of the whole device. The more humid the refrigerator can stay without exceeding the limits of normal humidity , the better your food will preserve its taste, nutrients and freshness. Also, another important thing to take a look into is, if the shelves and drawers are customizable and can be adjusted when it comes to their position, length, and width.

It is really important to choose a refrigerator that uses little energy because they are always on, so the less energy they consume, the better. The storage space of a refrigerator means the amount of space and features it has to store more and more stuff. A lot of these products have drawers, shelves, deep storage to save different food, and water storage. While the way a refrigerator looks in your kitchen is not a priority for some of us, it may be for you. You may want a sleek and modern look, or perhaps you want to match in with other appliances such as your gas range.

It's great efficiency when it comes to regulating temperatures may result in more energy consumption. Many people now-a-days assume that when we store food in the refrigerator that it is the best way to keep it safe from bacterial contamination. Even though most bacteria grow best in hot temperatures, there are still some that flourish in cold environments. These bacteria can grow in these low temperatures because they have an enzyme that enables them to.

True Built-In Refrigerators That Save Space and Money

Psychrophilic bacteria are identified as Pseudomonas, Listeria, Vibrio, and Coliform. All of these are very harmful bacteria and can potentially cause serious ill effects in people. These serious illnesses include dysentery, diarrhea, meningitis, sepsis, food poisoning, urinary tract infections, and gastrointestinal infections.

In this section, we will discuss different ways to help you prevent the spread of bacteria in your refrigerator. The refrigerator is fundamentally one of the main storages we use for our food. The fridge also helps prevent and slow down spoilage. That said, there are still some types of bacteria that are capable of flourishing inside the refrigerator. Below you will find a list of tips to help you keep a bacteria-free refrigerator!

Clean as you go definitely applies here too.

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For example, if you accidentally spill some food in your fridge, immediately wipe it up to avoid any growth or spread of bacteria. It is also important to use anti-bacterial cleaners or even bleach to clean the surfaces of your fridge. These foods can cause growth and spread bacteria, as well as molds, which has the potential to contaminate other foods.

In most cases, food is no longer safely edible before it even shows signs of being spoiled.

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Make a rule for cooked meat and other left-over meals. Make a chart to keep track if you have to. Perhaps in your compost pile? Remember, investing in the best refrigerator you can afford will help as the ideal temperature ranges are kept more regular, helping to save your food longer. Your foods should be stored in tightly-sealed containers. This guarantees that your food preserves its moisture and prevents any bacteria from spreading to other foods that is being stored in your fridge. Raw meat, poultry, and fish contain several bacteria.

Raw meat can cause severe issues from food poisoning to salmonella poisoning. To prevent any contamination, make it a regular habit to place any raw meat on the bottom shelf of your fridge. Refrigerator within refrigerator: For optimum conditions for your produce and meat, the new integrated models come with a drawer that provides a lower temperature, higher humidity zone.

These give great instructions on proper food storage, so you can enjoy fresher food for longer. Clean uninterrupted header and valance and there is a soft open-door hinge. This is a great feature for those that get up in the middle of the night. Crystal look interior: Sub Zero uses frameless door shelves and interior shelving for a more modern and classy look.

Flexible toe kick height: No more bumping your toes with these fridges. Yes, you can, but you are limited with only one option in the Classic BI series whereas the Integrated series allows you more flexibility. All families have different needs in terms of how much fridge and freezer space they need so it will be down to your individual requirements as to what works best for you.

Sub Zero is the only brand that gives you this number of configurations.

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You can replace the old Sub Zero refrigerator with a new one we cover this in our earlier posts. Please contact our sales staff for incentives and promotions on available loyalty programs. Wolf brand is the cooking and ventilation arm of the Sub Zero. In addition, Sub Zero launced Cove dishwasher brand to cover the whole line in kitchen appliances. Come and talk to one of our team members and bring any plans and measurements for your kitchen so we can work out what is the right model for you.

We can also put you in touch with some of our trusted professionals who can assist you in designing and building your dream kitchen. Already made your decision about which model to buy? Give us a call at and we would be happy to deliver and install your refrigerator with our factory certified crews. This guide will help you select your shiny new Miele dishwasher with greatest certainty, in the least amount of time. You will also save money by…. Bosch and Miele washer and dryer models are easily the best compact, apartment size laundry in the market.

Both brands are known for their reliability, quality,…. First, the similarities Sub-Zero has always made an all-around great fridge. This fridge's sleek, four-door design will look stunning in any kitchen, plus it's got some great functional features, too. It has an internal filtered water dispenser, Twin Cooling Plus technology to keep food cooler and fresher for longer, and a convertible FlexZone drawer that can be set at three different temperatures and used as a fridge drawer or additional freezer drawer. You know KitchenAid for their iconic stand mixers, but their refrigerators are worth checking out, too.

In sleek black stainless, this inch-wide built-in option has tons of storage room, plus a produce preserver and PrintShield finish to keep fingerprint smudges at bay. This sleek inch built-in fridge comes in two shades of stainless steel, with both Precise for maintaining minimal temperature fluctuation and Double Cooling Technology to keep the moist refrigerator air from mixing with the dry freezer air for impressive food preservation. This option from Sub-Zero is the ultimate in fridges. At 48 inches wide, with a glass door perfect for knowing exactly what you've got on-hand! Plus, you can customize the panel to blend right in with your cabinets.

It also comes with soft-close produce bins and drawers and a filtered automatic ice maker, among other pro features.

This may look like your average side-by-side built-in fridge from the outside, but behind that stainless steel is actually an obsidian black interior. It's about as cool and sleek as it gets, not to mention it also has multi-point LED theater lighting, a door-mounted ice dispenser, a produce preserver, and more. This inch option is fully equipped with celeb chef-approved features, but that's not all—the coolest thing about this built-in fridge is you can customize it in hundreds of colors, from the panels to the handles and more.

BlueStar will even do custom color-matching for you, if there's a shade you just have to have—or you want to coordinate with your cabinets.